Rowlands Castle Tennis Club - Court Etiquette


Just a few reminders to help you an others enjoy your time on court

Club league and tournament matches have priority at all times.  Courts are usually booked in advance for such matches, but they do sometimes over run the booking. In such circumstances the league or tournament match must be allowed to run to completion.

All courts can be booked via the club's on line booking system. Anyone playing on  a court which has been pre-booked must give way when requested to do so. It is highly recommended that you book your court in advance whenever possible.

If you are playing on an unbooked court and other players are waiting you must give way after one short set (i.e. first to six games). 

 Please do not walk behind players whilst a game/ rally is in progress; this avoids distracting players and more importantly avoids any potential accidents. In particular please do not open the gate until there is a suitable break in play on Court 1.

When you do cross a court, please do so as quickly as possible - and try not to stop for a chat on the way!

If a ball from another court comes onto your court please make sure it is returned as quickly as possible, but at a suitable time so as not to disturb play on any court.

Please keep the volume of conversation to a minimum to avoid disturbing players on other courts. While silence isn't absolutely necessary (except at Wimbledon!) tennis is a much better game when played without disturbance/ distractions.

The net centre straps are usually set so that all you need to do is raise the net to finger tightness using the net winder and the net will be at the correct height. Only rarely should you need to adjust the centre strap.

There is a net measure for each court. Please return it after use.  And when you have finished playing, please lower the net to release the tension a little, then if you are the last players on court please lock the gate as you leave.

 Last, but not least........ enjoy yourself.