Rowlands Castle Tennis Club - Data Privacy Policy




  1. We will collect your personal data directly from your membership application form or when you complete any other relevant form containing personal information, for instance an entry for a club tournament
  2. We will collect your personal data if another person has applied for membership on your behalf (for example a family member or guardian)
  3. We will only record your contact details (e.g. name/ address/ em address/ telephone number(s) and social media contact details
  4. We will record data about health or medical conditions where you have volunteered this information and where it is relevant to your membership of the club.
  5. Your data will only be used to assist with the administration of the club.
  6. We will store your data on the software platform we use for our membership database/ court booking system
  7. We will communicate with you by telephone, email or post, but only for the purposes of administering the club
  8. We will not sell your data or share it with anyone other than members of the club’s committee, and then only for the purposes of administering the club
  9. We will retain your data while you are a member of the club. We are obliged to hold your data for a period of 6 years once you have ceased being a member in order to satisfy accounting and tax reporting requirements
  10. You have the right to request access to your personal data at any time.
  11. You are entitled to ask us to amend any record we hold about you if it is incorrect.
  12. If you have any queries about our privacy policy, or about the way in which we handle your personal data please contact the club secretary

By email

By telephone 01243 389443

By post 3 Anthony Way, Emsworth, PO10 7RZ